Friday, September 30, 2011

APE 2011 and ROUND ROBIN 2 update

The books are here!
We'll be at the Alternative Press Expo in SF this Oct.1-2, table 328, next to our generous host and multi-talented artist, Scott Morse.

Stop by, say hello and get a book. We'll draw something in it for you!


Mr. Scribbles said...

Beautiful book! Hopefully I get a chance to drop by and pick one up.

Matt Jones said...

I'll b sure to swing by your table :)

IAN ABANDO said...

round one was so awesome! i cant make it to ape, will you guys be selling copies online/through your blogs? cant wait to see it , im a huuuge fan :)


David Fletcher said...

I am interested in a copy... let me know where I can order one please. I will need to send a bank draft, so it is probably better if I order a couple and send a donation at same time.

You Jennifer, and Katie have a great time at the convention.
Have fun.

Vancouver, Canada

Logan Pearsall said...


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you at APE this past weekend. Thank you again so much for signing my TS3 book!

I was hoping you could take a look at my work and hopefully give me some feedback.

My work can be found at:

My portfolios have more finished pieces, but the main pages have a lot more character designs, even though they’re more work in progress.

Thanks again for your help!
I’m always looking for networking opportunities, so I hope we can keep in touch!
It was a pleasure meeting you.


Logan Pearsall

Arna said...

Daniela! Swirling lassies dance on my desktop this morning. Thanks!



chibiaion said...

Great illustrations! Looking forward to see more of those. Thumbs up!

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Ashly from juegos de chicas said...

great illustration! that so cool..

Clady White said...

although the expo is over, I can tell you that your work is awesome!