Monday, June 2, 2008


I had a chance to see WALL-E last Saturday, and I simply have to say that this film will blow you away! Congratulations to Andrew Stanton and his crew, who have created another beautiful and honest piece of cinema!

Incidentally, today was my first day of work in Pixar's Art Department, and now more than ever, I am proud to be part of this incredible studio. Needless to say this is a brilliant opportunity, but the truth is I would have never made it here without the patience and support of my husband James, and the help of my friends Nick and Matt, with whom I've been sharing animated adventures since 1999. Thanks to the three of them, and thanks to all of you who visit my blog regularly (your encouragement too has played a big role in this happy turn of events)!

As for WALL-E, it's a rendez-vous, June 27th!