Monday, June 7, 2010

One-eyed Willy

Here is a piece I did for an art show celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Goonies" (in case you got a cute overload with those peas...)
Check out the rest of the show at Lunar Boy Gallery.

"One-Eyed Willy"
Acrylic on board8" x 8"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toy Story 3

Today marks 2 years since my first day at Pixar.
So far it's been challenging and exciting, I've met some great folks, I've worked on a few short and feature length projects, I've learned a lot.
Two of the films that I can't wait for you to see are "Day and Night" and "Toy Story 3". While the first, a short, pioneers a new use of mediums in animation, the second soulfully concludes what is in my opinion one of the best trilogies ever done in film.
Go see them (in 3D) June 18th!

(This by the way is also a Golden Book cover illustrated by my friend Adrian Molina.)

Following is a small selection of my artwork from the film and the art-of book.
The first image is of a flat doll created by Nate Wragg, which I was asked to re-work slightly later on in production due to story needs. It was an interesting assignment where I had to preserve the spirit of the character (that Nate had captured really well) while changing her to look more home-made, with adjusted features and proportions. See the evolution below:

The peas were a little more straight forward to design. I started directly from my friend Erik Benson's hilarious board sequence and went from there.

I also recommend buying the "Art Of Toy Story 3" book to see some of the amazing artistry that went into making this movie (a special nod to my husband James who dedicated 3 years to this film and who storyboarded some of the most poignant sequences in it).