Monday, June 7, 2010

One-eyed Willy

Here is a piece I did for an art show celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Goonies" (in case you got a cute overload with those peas...)
Check out the rest of the show at Lunar Boy Gallery.

"One-Eyed Willy"
Acrylic on board8" x 8"


Bill Robinson said...

Effing AWESOME. You should definitely paint more pirate things!!!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

This is amazing! I showed this to my boyfriend and he freaked out (he loves the Goonies).

Anyway, I think your blog is fantastic :)

Prashant Miranda said...

Thanks Dani,
I love your work too!
Super dooper.

Ta ta,

George Fuentes said...

Im so glad to have come across your work. Its really inspiring.

ddd said...

Hi Dani! Your blog is awesome and your work even more, as usual.
It looks like you are having a blast down south :)

All the best to you and James!

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Inspiring work on your blog Daniela, thanks for sharing!

XAV said...

SO sad I can't see the show.

Dani said...

Bill, Megan, Prashant, Georges, Taylor and Xavier - Thank you guys for stopping by!

Hi Dado! I hope you're doing well too! Great to hear from you and keep in touch!