Thursday, March 17, 2011

Special Edition ROUND ROBIN for Japan

UPDATE: All paintings are SOLD!
Thanks very much everyone who has been supporting our efforts to raise funds for Japan! We have donated 795$ to Red Cross (that's 1590$ with the Disney match)!!! Thank you, thank you!

In an effort to raise funds for the victims of the heartbreaking crisis in Japan, we would like to offer a limited number of Special Edition ROUND ROBIN books, and donate all the proceeds to Red Cross. Our contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by the Walt Disney Company.

Each Special Edition Round Robin book will come with an original painting, and will be sold for 65$. This is a great chance for you to own original art while contributing to a worthy cause.

Please email us your choice of painting at
katy-wu (at)
We will process the orders on a first-come, first-served basis.

Let us know if you'd like:

1. Book only 25$
2. Painting only 45$
3. Book and painting 65$ (5$ off)
4. Painting only, if already purchased the book 40$ (5$ off)

Thank you in advance for your support and solidarity!

-Dani, Katy and Jennifer


Art 1-6 by Daniela Strijleva, 3" x 4", Gouache, Pencil and Pen
Art 7-11 by Jennifer Chang, 3" x 4", Watercolour and Pencil
Art 12-13 by Katy Wu, 3" x 4", Gouache

If you wish to donate through other venues, please consider the "Artists Help Japan" fund, organized by friend and co-worker Dice Tsutsumi and the Give2Asia Organization, or Red Cross.

Artists Help Japan
Red Cross

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Art Blocks For Ghana" Auction Begins

Howdy friends!

I'm taking a minute from a swamped work schedule to tell you about the impressive "Art Blocks For Ghana" auction taking place this week. For those who haven't heard of the project, here is their mission statement:

"The Picture Book Project Foundation presents Art Blocks for Ghana – a charity art auction of original works created by top artists within the animation and illustration community to provide boarding and education for orphaned children in Ghana, West Africa. Online art auction coming March 12-20. 2011."

In addition to this, The Picture Book Foundation will also be donating part of its proceeds from Art Blocks to raise awareness and support Dice Tsutsumi's "Artists Help Japan and Tsunami Fund" and Give2Asia.

Art Blocks For Ghana
Artists Help Japan

Bid on and see all the artwork HERE