Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sketchoholic Interview and Contest

On November 7th, at 2pmPT I will be interviewed by my friend Bobby Chiu on his website Sketchoholic.

Bobby has been conducting a great series of interviews with talented artists working predominantly in the film, illustration and comic book fields.
As some of you may know the interview is always accompanied by a drawing contest based on a theme chosen by the guest. In this case I went with the idea of "Ghosts". It is definitely a very wide theme, so participants should feel free to go off of existing literary/film characters or with your own spooky creations. (Poe and Gorey sure come to mind!)

I hope this subject inspires you to draw and I hope to see you all Sunday!


Rochelle Burrows said...

Looking forward to it, Daniela!

Gabby Zapata said...

How exciting! I hope I can make it :) Can't wait!

Emanoel Melo said...

I'm so going to "be there"!!

Unknown said...

Do you do commissions? if so drop me an email. I'm working on a project for which I think your images would be great.

It goes without saying that I love your work.

nickwatson said...


David M said...

Thank-you for the amazing interview! You've journey as an artist was really interesting and inspiring :). Did you post the piece you made on for the 'Ghost' theme?

Dani said...

Thanks guys!

Hi Cesare, thanks for the nice words - I'll get back to you later today!

David, thank you! I will post my painting here shortly.

David M said...

Wonderful image! I love it.

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