Thursday, November 12, 2009

November Pause

Not much drawing, a little bit of traveling.


Stevie said...

These pictures are wonderful, where did you travel to? :)

Dani said...

Thanks a lot. These are from pretty Portland!

Danny said...

UNACCEPTABLE!! I want to see more of your art!



(seriously though... your work kicks butt! I always look forward to staring at your posts with jaw-dropping, gaping-mouth awe)


Ashley Boddy said...

The charred top of that meringues is fantastic. Looks like it should be a hairstyle from the 20's!

Bianca Siercke said...

There beautiful Dani! I especially love the colours of the first 2!

And what are those delicious looking chocolate desserts or are they drinks? I really want to try one!!

Dani said...

Thanks a lot, Danny!

Hi Ashley. You're right, they do look like they were made with the know-how of things old fashioned!

Thanks, Bianca! I think those are some sort of lemon-meringue tarts. I'll send you the link of the bakery in case you go to Portland.

rose-a-petits-pois said...

There is so much sensibility in your pictures. Truly beautiful !