Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Gestures II

From a quick session today!


Stevie said...

These are very beautiful! I love the life you put in these! :)

J said...

Nice, Nice ,Nice!
You draw beautifully!

Unknown said...

Super chouette Daniela! quelle vie!

BEN said...

B E A U T I F U L sketches!!!

chromasketch said...

nice gestures!

Erik Benson said...

Great drawings Dani. These really make me wanna life draw. If only I could remember how.

Dani said...

Thanks, Stevie!

J, so do you!

Que tu es gentil Stéphane! Merci! :)

Ben, thank you!

Thanks, B!

Erik, you should come! You don't have to remember how - I don't remember how!!! I just go and have fun!

Percy Bysshe said...

Very cool...

Myke Bakich said...


Very Lively,

Matt Jones said...

Lovely studies Dani- in partic. the 'showgirl' pose

XAV said...

wonderfull blog.

Toma said...

Des esquisses a merveille Daniela. C'est super de te retrouver après tellement de temps. Félicitation ;D
Donne moi de tes nouvelles!


Hans said...

Great blog!!


Unknown said...

great gestures, Dani! the showgirl is awesome

Don Coker said...

Daniela, these are great sketches and I enjoyed your blog!

Javi Recio said...


Manoj a menon said...

you've got one vibrant blog ..started of with these loose sketches and went through your entire posting.. fantabulous!!
and congratulations for finishing one year at wonderland.
im a self taught artist from india...wanna come onboard pixar..currently doing something to spread butter over bread..both!!
This is the link to my online sketchbook..5 pages..


i know you guys are like super busy folks.. but this wil help an unimportant artist know if he is anywhere closer to apply for his dream job.

This is my mail id

i will be checking you blog very often.. you may as well post your advice/criticism and comments.

real eye candy ...once again..

thank you so much for reading.

Dani said...

Thanks a lot, you guys!

Toma, nice to hear from you again! I hope you're well and I hope you are keeping up the drawing.

Jmontiel said...

Great sketches!