Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Neighbourhood: 655 Dolores Street

I always told myself to draw the church near my house before it was too late. Apparently it suffered irreparable seismic damage and is soon to be leveled.
Strangely, the tree in front of it is dying too. Maybe it knows things are coming to an end.


J said...

Awesome Dani. You're making it looks easy! I love being surprised by great paintings when I get home.

Emma said...

Beautiful! I look at the car and go 'oh it's a red car,' and then I doubletake and it's actually a pink, maroon, and orange car, because of the light... I am in awe

Gracia said...

hello! very nice work in your blog! beatiful sketches from life and paintings! cool!:)

Unknown said...

Or the seismic damage also damaged the roots.

Either way, lovely drawing :)

Unknown said...

Today is both a beautiful and awful day. I never knew that the church was going back to its maker. Thank you for painting this church while it was still possible. I can't think of anyone who would have done it better. You've captured exactly the way it swims in my memory. Bye Bye church.
Maybe we should eat a pb&j on its steps as a farewell.
And yes, the trees always know.

the doodlers said...

Great painting, Dani! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing! JVB

Daniela said...

Hi, I love your blog and really love your name.

Adrian Molina said...

Wow, dani, your stuff blows me away!

Mike Yamada said...

Very nice life sketch, the colors are beautiful

Dani said...

Thanks J. Hopefully I'll keep surprising you at work too...
Joontoo's next week... crazy!!!

Thanks Emma, but I have to admit some things are accidental.

Thank you, Stranded!

Thanks Austin, I didn't even think of that. Or maybe the roots turned evil and are sucking out the tree's energy to grow powerful and uproot the church?

Hi Melanie. I love that you stopped by and that you commented.
And yes, a farewell pbj ceremony's is in order!

Thanks John!

Daniela, it's even spelled the same :) Thanks a lot!

Thanks Adrian, you're way too nice to me!

Thanks a lot, Mike!