Saturday, December 15, 2007

Archives IV

The penultimate installment in my series of archives was inspired by William Wyler's "Roman Holiday".

On top of being famous for propelling Audrey Hepburn into stardom, this 1953 picture featured a debonnaire Gregory Peck, a hilarious Eddie Albert and was secretly written by the most famous of the infamous
Hollywood 10, Dalton Trumbo. Impressive, sure, but wait till you see Edith Head's costumes!

Let me show you my (quick) versions of the outfits worn by Miss Hepburn.

Pencil and gouache on 3"x4" paint samples.
And speaking of Roman holidays: a photograph of The Spanish Steps I took in June 2003.


Bianca Siercke said...

I love Audrey Hepburn!! These are beautiful Dani!! You have to make a sketchbook out of your stuff someday, for the entirely selfish reason that I want to buy one ^^. (hugs)

J said...

These are great Dani. So appealing and fun. It's amazing how much life you get out of a few brush strokes.
They have the charm of the orignal Audrey as well; no small feat.

lillian said...

Dani these are beautiful! I especially love the icon details, makes me want to see the entire catalog :)

Robin said...

Dani, came across your blog through James Robertson! Your blog is amazing, I had to pull my eyes away long enough to comment. Thankyou so much for posting -- very inspiring work!

sauer said...

wow, i loooove the fourth one. Great pose... They all feel so natural!

Dani said...

Bianca, thanks.
I'd love to do a book. I'll just have to work on a theme and a story.

J, thank you for writing what you tell me in person! I love it!!!

Lillian!!! So nice to hear from you! BTW, don't try this at home; gouache painting on a super smooth surface, not the greatest idea I ever had.

Robin, glad to meet you. Thanks for the nice words!

Guilherme, Audrey Hepburn has such poise, it just infiltrated my work on its own. I don't think I did her justice though...
Thanks for stopping by!

jennie said...

love these dani. such a fun idea to paint on the color samples!

Unknown said...

Hello Dani, stumbled upon your paintings from my love for Roman Holiday movie and these are truly beautiful. I would love to buy one if they are for sale? Please let me know. Regards Simon (UK)a new fan.

Keath said...

Fabulous! You couldn't pick a better model :)

Ben Liu said...

Lovly!!!! You totaly caught her moods.

I always love Audrey.
Here are some of my drawings of her,

Look forward to your new ones:)