Thursday, November 22, 2007

Making FUN!

I missed the gestures in life drawing this week, and, while shaped like a Venus, the model was so persistently "vertical", she could have given David's contrapposto a run for its money!
What do you do when you get no tilts, no tension, no character, no visible energy from the figure in front of you? Well, I say look at all the people drawing around you: they hunch, they squint, they calculate, they look up and down, they dance from side to side, they move fast, think fast and are entirely alive.
So forget what you were supposed to draw, rethink the possibilities and make your own fun!


Anonymous said...

YES! Just wonderful, I Love them all.

Anonymous said...

Lovely character in those! I did fix the comments... I forgot that setting existed, but I must have left it that way when I started the account.

Anonymous said...

J'aime bcp celui ou le mec souffle sur son dessin!

Adrian Lubbers said...

After perusing your blog and all the wonderful drawings I have to say, in response to your intro, "I'm very glad we met too Dani!"
Hope all is amazing!

Adrian Molina said...


I'm secretly hoping that the model actually did have that tatooed on her butt cheek. You've got an excellent imagination, and your posts are so fun!

J said...

These are great Dani!
I like how the 'no fun' mark conforms somewhat to her buttocks.
You're a draughtsman through and through.

Q/Minkyu said...

wow...I really really like all your drawings. They are very attractive and eye grabbing. I'm a fan!

justin said...

Hi Dani,
Just discovered your blog through James'.
Absolutely fantastic drawings and great writing too.

Joe Karg said...

Great work. Very fun drawing. You have the soul of a true cartoonist.

Randeep Katari said...

Beautiful sketches, love the attitude and characters in all of them. Amazing.

Cookedart said...

Fabulous stuff! I will be back for more!

(I'll be sure to link you too)

Jenny Lerew said...

Wow...these are all terrific! I love your work!

Aldo said...

There are so many fantastic works on your blog!

the doodlers said...

Hey Daniela! You made your own fun and now I can have some of that same fun looking at these! Please keep up the great'satirical' sketches...loaded with personality!

Dani said...

Many thanks, Oh Bill The Anonymous!

Pat, thanks. I'll see you there next Tuesday!

Madame D: je suis très heureuse de ta visite! Moi aussi je l'aime bien celui-là! J'espère que tout va bien au Nippon.

Adrian L, we meet again!!!
Thanks for stopping by. When are you coming to visit in person? At least now we're in the same time zone...

Adrian M, you're so kind! I love your work too!

J, thanks, I learn from the best!
P.S. I think you forgot the WO in draughtswoman...

Minkyu, I'm extremely flattered. Your work is amazing!!!

Justin, I'm very glad you came by. I like writing almost as much as I like drawing!

Joe, that's a great compliment. Thank you.

Randeep, Alan and Aldo: pleased to meet you! Thank you all for stopping by.

Jenny, I'm so happy you like them!

Hello Doodlers! Always glad to provide a healthy dose of satire!
I've been thinking about you, since I just finished reading Persepolis. And the film is aaaalmost out here! I can't wait to see it and read everybody's reviews!
Talk to you soon!

David Fletcher said...


I love these...

I laughed so hard because I know what you mean. Great to see you get the positive out of a "lifeless" exercise. I think your classmates make fantastic studies. They remind me of watching my brother draw. The tongue poking out slightly, the tilt of the head, the deep concentration. Lots of interesting emotion and expression.

These sketches are priceless. :-)