Friday, November 16, 2007

Young and Old

Both order food, but what different demeanor!


J said...

OWOW! Jeeeeez Dani, whena re you even doing these??
You're my hero!

Matt Ferguson said...

These are simply outstanding, Dani.

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is all I have to say.

Jay said...

amazing! they are like exact opposites!

Grant said...

Well Helloooo, glad you started a blog. Rick informed me so I came to peruse.

Wonderful stuff Dani.

orange said...

hey dani...i met u and james a long while back through nishio. him and lil have only awesome stuff to say bout u guys...

this is the first time i am getting to see ur artwork..beautiful work..i really like ur lifedrawing post too..and thanks a ton for the link. it's an honour to be in urs and james's link


Anonymous said...

Hi Dani! Love these. I gotta hit coffee shops again.

Last week's (opposite view of yours!)

He has my lost drawing pad... I haven't even been able to scan the rest of them.

Good god... I did 40 hrs. work this weekend for a storyboard contract job.

Coming tomorrow?

Rock, Pat.

Dani said...

J - When you're not looking!!!

Matt, Bill - Thanks so much for the support!

Jay - Thank you, I've noticed that young people are still much more concerned with the outer world as opposed to the inner.

Grant - Helloooo! I'm about two years too late, but hey, I've finally made it out here!
Thanks for visiting!

Robin - We met in Kensington, right? Nice to hear from you, and please say hi to Rob!
I can't wait to see more from you!

Pat - Nice one! Get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow!

Lubomir said...

Great work, I find your sketches very inspirational, looking forward to more :)

olgastern said...

Hey Dani.
Thanks for your comment.
I miss San Francisco. It would be nice to walk and paint there with a cofee in hand.
You have some crazy inspiring draftsmanship skills. I'm glad you started a blog.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawings, really nicely captured personalities :)

Anonymous said...

Dani dani dani!!!

lotsa drawings from yesterday, and last week as well.

Dani said...

Lubomir, Olga and Andy - Thanks very much for stopping by!

Pat - Nice stuff, but it still won't let me comment!

cuddlygunner said...


Jenny Lerew said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Soulful. Thanks for posting them(and also, MANY thanks for posting all that Searle as well-that's a lot of work!).

Dani said...

Thanks Cory and Jenny!
And I'm more than happy to share the Paris Sketchbook!

ash said...

nice mumbly man mood.