Friday, November 16, 2007

Young and Old

Both order food, but what different demeanor!


J said...

OWOW! Jeeeeez Dani, whena re you even doing these??
You're my hero!

Matt Ferguson said...

These are simply outstanding, Dani.

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is all I have to say.

Jay said...

amazing! they are like exact opposites!

Grant said...

Well Helloooo, glad you started a blog. Rick informed me so I came to peruse.

Wonderful stuff Dani.

orange said...

hey dani...i met u and james a long while back through nishio. him and lil have only awesome stuff to say bout u guys...

this is the first time i am getting to see ur artwork..beautiful work..i really like ur lifedrawing post too..and thanks a ton for the link. it's an honour to be in urs and james's link


Anonymous said...

Hi Dani! Love these. I gotta hit coffee shops again.

Last week's (opposite view of yours!)

He has my lost drawing pad... I haven't even been able to scan the rest of them.

Good god... I did 40 hrs. work this weekend for a storyboard contract job.

Coming tomorrow?

Rock, Pat.

Dani said...

J - When you're not looking!!!

Matt, Bill - Thanks so much for the support!

Jay - Thank you, I've noticed that young people are still much more concerned with the outer world as opposed to the inner.

Grant - Helloooo! I'm about two years too late, but hey, I've finally made it out here!
Thanks for visiting!

Robin - We met in Kensington, right? Nice to hear from you, and please say hi to Rob!
I can't wait to see more from you!

Pat - Nice one! Get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow!

Lubomir said...

Great work, I find your sketches very inspirational, looking forward to more :)

olgastern said...

Hey Dani.
Thanks for your comment.
I miss San Francisco. It would be nice to walk and paint there with a cofee in hand.
You have some crazy inspiring draftsmanship skills. I'm glad you started a blog.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawings, really nicely captured personalities :)

Anonymous said...

Dani dani dani!!!

lotsa drawings from yesterday, and last week as well.

Dani said...

Lubomir, Olga and Andy - Thanks very much for stopping by!

Pat - Nice stuff, but it still won't let me comment!

Jenny Lerew said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Soulful. Thanks for posting them(and also, MANY thanks for posting all that Searle as well-that's a lot of work!).

Dani said...

Thanks Cory and Jenny!
And I'm more than happy to share the Paris Sketchbook!

ash said...

nice mumbly man mood.