Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Archives III

Moving along, here is a more recent attempt to draw and learn from a few of my heroes.

In selecting these, I was mostly concerned with shape and simplicity in design. There was a lot more peripheral writing in my sketchbook, only it was the straight-out-of-bed variety, which I owe myself to spare you. I'm not even sure that the drawings are worth much (look at the originals instead!), or that my design sense has drastically improved since, but they sure were fun warm-ups!

They are based on: a Hepburn-inspired Aurora study by Marc Davis, characters by Aurelius Battaglia, paintings and sculptures from the Legion of Honor Museum, Miroslav Sasek characters from "This is London", Jean-Jacques Sempé drawings and Mary Blair's "I can fly" girl.


blah said...

I really love the last one - so cute!

libra bear said...

Found your Blog via james robertson. Your work is amazing, honest and inspirational.


Nice studies.

Anonymous said...

Page 4 (all the guys with hats) really shows how to make a character read with simple geometry. This is inspiring.

Life drawing was good on Tues.

I just figured out how to use photoshop slices, so you can post a page of tiny images and each one links to the large one. It's easy.

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Sharp stuff, finely done. Especially like your drawings from the museum.

Unknown said...

I always caught myself starring at your drawings in the hall way at Sheridan. Missed seeing such lovely art. I'm very glad to have found your blog! Hope you're doing well

Claudio Acciari said...

Ciao Dani,thanks for your kind comment. Especially because I could discover your blog. Your drawings are so harmonious! They are so outstanding in the web panorama.How do you feel being so good? ^_^
The comic I'm working on, Rosalba, I'm afraid is going to be a self publication.No french editor sound interested in it.That's better,so I don't have to change a thing ah ah.Ciao

RAWLS said...

Its always nice to see a fellow sheridanian do what they do best. Great work!! and you've got a super team-mate of a husband. As I told him, its nice to see you guys share a love for art. keep up the great work!

Dani said...

Thank you very much everyone!

Leisl, Rawls, Bobby - nice to hear from you again!
College is now far in space and time, but I'm glad we can keep in touch through our blogs. Thanks for visiting and continue the great work you all do!

Pat, I'm sure you've seen the "This is ... " book series. My conclusion on Sasek's characters: they are much harder to draw than I thought and much more varied in shapes than I first assessed. His designs are so deceivingly simple that I suspect they have a lot more to teach!

Wesley, Shane, welcome, and John, welcome again! I really ought to pay more visits to The Legion of Honor and study from the masters...
Thanks to all three of you for the kindest words!

Claudio, mi permetti di risponderti in Italiano? (Forse possiamo fare uno scambio: tu scrivi in Inglese ed io proverò a farlo così.)
Grazie per esserti fermato qua! Sono una grande fan del tuo lavoro e mi fa moltissimo piacere di parlarti.
Seguirò il tuo blog per sapere quando il fumetto sarà finito, poi ne comanderò anche per qualche amici miei qui a San Francisco.
Ciao e a presto!